Oral Drug Delivery Mechanism

Enteris BioPharma’s clinically proven, cutting edge oral drug delivery technology, Peptelligence®, enables the oral delivery of molecules that are typically injected, including peptides and BCS Class II, III, and IV small molecules, in an enteric-coated tablet formulation.

Enteris’ formulation technology is made up of two key components, the first is a permeation enhancer, which loosens tight junctions in the intestinal enterocytes and allows paracellular transport. The permeation enhancer, a surfactant, also acts as a great solubilizing agent. The other main excipient, citric acid, also plays an active, multifunctional role in transport by acting as a calcium chelator and membrane permeation enhancer, a pH-lowering agent that increases absorptive flux, and a membrane wetting/charge dispersal agent.

Enteris has demonstrated its ability to effectively deliver a variety of molecules across multiple therapeutic indications.

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Oral Drug Delivery Mechanism

Enteris BioPharma mechanism for oral drug delivery example

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Several clinical studies have been carried out with peptides utilizing the Enteris’ technology.

  • Positive Phase 3 oral Calcitonin: Osteoporosis
  • Positive Phase 2 oral PTH: Osteoporosis
  • Positive Phase 2 oral Calcitonin: Osteopenia
  • Positive Phase 2b oral CR845: Neuropathic Pain

Phase 2 Results: PK Profile for PTH

Enteris BioPharma Phase 2 results chart

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The Enteris BioPharma formulation technology is a simple, elegant, and scalable solution designed to overcome previously unmet challenges in both permeability and solubility, with a demonstrated track record of clinical success across a range of compounds and therapeutic indications.