Press Releases


12/06/2019 KORSUVA™ Top Line Data Phase 2 CKD

08/27/2019 SWK Holdings Corporation Acquires Enteris BioPharma

08/21/2019 New Licensing Agreement for Oral KORSUVA™ with Peptelligence®

07/11/2019 Oral KORSUVA™ in Phase 2 for Atopic Dermatitis

06/27/2019 Oral KORSUVA™ in Phase 2 Trial for Pruritus Treatment

06/02/2019 Ovarest®, Tobrate® at New Rhein Industry Day

03/05/2019 Enteris BioPharma Supports Endometriosis Awareness Month


12/18/2018 Enteris BioPharma to Present at Biotech Showcase 2019

07/19/2018 First Patient Dosed in Trial of Oral KORSUVA™

06/26/2018 Positive Results in Ovarest® Endometriosis Trial

04/30/2018 Expanded Trial for Endometriosis Initiated

03/15/2018 Enteris President & CFO to Present at Future Leaders

03/05/2018 Ferring Continues Peptide Development With Enteris

03/01/2018 First Patient Dosed in Phase 1 Trial of Oral (CR845) KORSUVA™

01/03/2018 Positive Results in Ovarest® Clinical Trial for Endometriosis Treatment


10/31/2017 Peptelligence®-Tech and Cara’s CR845 Enters Phase 1 Trial

09/19/2017 Enteris BioPharma to Present at BioPharm America

08/24/2017 Enteris Doses First Woman In Phase 2a Clinical Trial for Endometriosis

06/13/2017 Enteris BioPharma to Present at BIO 2017

03/30/2017 Enteris to Present at BioCentury’s Future Leaders

01/30/2017 Ferring, Enteris to Develop Oral Peptide Therapeutic

01/25/2017 Enteris, KeyBioscience to Develop Solution for Metabolic Disorders

01/23/2017 Enteris, Sanofi to Develop Oral Therapeutic for Type 2 Diabetes


09/19/2016 Enteris BioPharma’s “Feasibility to Licensing” Partner, Cara Therapeutics, Advances Peptelligence®-Engineered CR845 into Phase 2b Clinical Trial in Chronic Pain

07/13/2016 Enteris BioPharma Initiates Clinical Program for Tobrate (oral tobramycin tablet) in Uncomplicated Urinary Tract Infection

01/19/2016 Enteris BioPharma Enhances Executive Leadership Team to Target Strategic Growth Opportunities


10/19/2015 Enteris BioPharma’s Formulation Technology Enables Oral Delivery of Tarsa Therapeutics’ TBRIA™ – the First Oral Calcitonin for the Treatment of Postmenopausal Osteoporosis

7/14/2015 Enteris BioPharma Oral Formulation Progresses Into Phase 2 Study With Cara Therapeutics’ CR845

2/10/2015 Enteris BioPharma Launches Contract Manufacturing within 32,000 Square Foot, FDA inspected and cGMP Compliant Facility


12/09/2014 Enteris BioPharma’s Formulation Technology Enables Oral Delivery of Cara Therapeutics’ CR845 Peptide for Acute and Chronic Pain in Phase 1a / 1b Trial

06/20/2014 Enteris BioPharma Oral Peptide Delivery Technology Enables Key Clinical Milestone for Acute and Chronic Pain Drug

01/09/2014 Enteris BioPharma to Present at Biotech Showcase™ 2014


12/03/2013 Enteris BioPharma Forms Scientific Advisory Board to Enhance
Leadership in Oral Delivery of Peptide and Small Molecule Drugs

09/30/2013 Enteris BioPharma and Nordic BioScience’s KeyBioScience Enter Strategic Licensing Agreement to Develop Metabolic Peptides Using Enteris’ Proprietary Oral Drug Delivery and Manufacturing Platform

08/20/2013 Enteris BioPharma Appoints Timothy J. Saxon, Vice President of Business Development, to Expand “Peptelligence® Partnering” Program

08/05/2013 Enteris BioPharma Initiates Business and Development Activities Targeting Oral Delivery of Peptides and Small Molecule Therapeutics