Early Drug Discovery

Due to their nature, peptides, peptidomimetics and small molecules with poor oral absorption- can only be administered through injections. Despite this limitation, biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies continue to invest billions of dollars to develop novel peptide, peptidomimetic and small molecule therapeutics given the potential of these compounds to address a multitude of disease indications.

This promise, however, can have limitations. Too often, costs, side effects and painful injections, dissuade patients from complying with drug regimens. This can ultimately confine sales and hurt market potential.

Enteris BioPharma has engineered its Peptelligence® platform to meet this challenge head-on and works with companies in the earliest stages of drug development to support the formulation of peptides and BCS Class II, Class III and Class IV small molecules for oral delivery.

For such companies, the benefits can far-reaching. Not only is the resulting drug product differentiated from similar medicines, but its value potential is immediately enhanced due to the increased market acceptance that orally delivered drugs generate in comparison to injectable versions. Moreover, companies can utilize Peptelligence® to build drug franchises, targeting the oral version for certain disease indications and patient groups where oral delivery is advantageous, while simultaneously developing the injectable for additional applications.

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