About Us

Enteris BioPharma is a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company offering innovative formulation solutions built around its proprietary oral drug delivery technologies. In addition to its formulation development expertise, Enteris BioPharma has a 32,000 square-foot GMP facility in Boonton, New Jersey, offering an expanding range of manufacturing and development services.

Enteris BioPharma operates as an independent, wholly-owned subsidiary of SWK Holdings Corporation (Nasdaq: SWKH). Since its founding in 2013, Enteris has advanced into the clinic multiple internal and external programs leveraging its Peptelligence® platform. The technology has been developed and proven effective over the last decade to enable the oral delivery of peptide-based therapeutics as well as other molecules with low oral bioavailability.

Enteris BioPharma’s internal clinical product pipeline consists of Ovarest® (oral leuprolide tablet), currently being evaluated in for endometriosis, and Tobrate (oral tobramycin tablet) for the treatment of uncomplicated urinary tract infection (uUTI). External market analyses demonstrate projected annual U.S. revenue potential for these two products approximate $1 billion in aggregate. Additionally, Enteris BioPharma’s oral peptide delivery technology is the subject of several active externally sponsored pre-clinical and clinical development programs, the most advanced of which include R-Pharm’s TBRIA, an oral calcitonin for patients with postmenopausal osteoporosis, and an oral formulation of Cara Therapeutics’ KORSUVA, a potent peripheral kappa opioid receptor agonist with a primary focus for the treatment of pruritus.

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Enteris BioPharma is led by a highly seasoned and innovative executive leadership team, spanning more than 75 years of collective pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry experience.