Scientific Advisory Board

Enteris BioPharma - Steven Brickner

Steven J. Brickner, Ph.D.

Scientific Advisor

Dr. Steven Brickner is owner of SJ Brickner Consulting, LLC. He received his MS and Ph.D. in organic chemistry from Cornell University, and was an NIH postdoctoral fellow at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.
Dr. Brickner is a synthetic organic/medicinal chemist with 27 years of experience on discovery of novel antibacterial agents at Upjohn, Pharmacia & Upjohn, and Pfizer. He is co-inventor of Zyvox® (linezolid), an oxazolidinone that holds the #1 rank among all antibiotics in worldwide sales, which exceeded $1.3 billion in 2012. He initiated the Upjohn research program and led the team that discovered linezolid and clinical candidates eperezolid and sutezolid. At Pfizer, he led the early clinical development team for sutezolid, which has completed Phase IIa trials as a potential treatment for MDR M. tuberculosis infections.
He received an honorary Doctor of Science degree from the University of Notre Dame (2010), the PhRMA 2007 Discoverers Award, the ACS Award for Team Innovation (2007), the 2003 ACS 31st Northeast Regional Industrial Innovation Award, and was named 2002-2003 Outstanding Alumni Lecturer, College of Arts and Science, Miami University (Ohio). He is author or co-author on 36 peer-reviewed publications and 80 scientific presentations, and is inventor/co-inventor on 23 issued US patents.

Enteris BioPharma - Jonathan Chernoff

Jonathan Chernoff, M.D., Ph.D.

Scientific Advisor

Dr. Jonathan Chernoff is Senior Vice President, Chief Scientific Officer of Fox Chase Cancer Center. He graduated from Yale College in 1978, then entered an MSTP program at the Mt. Sinai School of Medicine, obtaining M.D. and Ph.D. degrees in 1984. He did an Internal Medicine Residency at the University of Pittsburgh, followed by a Medical Oncology Fellowship at Johns Hopkins and at Beth Israel Hospital. Following a postdoctoral fellowship with Ray Erikson at Harvard University, he joined FCCC in 1991 as an Assistant Professor.
Dr. Chernoff has been leader or co-leader of the Cancer Biology Program and its precursors for over a decade. In September 2008, he became Deputy Scientific Director, and in 2010 was promoted to Chief Scientific Officer. Dr. Chernoff holds the Stanley P. Reimann Chair in Oncology Research at Fox Chase.Dr. Chernoff is an internationally recognized expert in signal transduction, with particular interest in the regulation of cell proliferation and movement by protein kinases and phosphatases. Of note, he identified and characterized the protein kinases Mst1/2 (hippo) and Pak1/2, which represent important human tumor suppressors and oncogenes, respectively. He has been a leader in defining the role of the Pak1 protein in several malignancies, most notably in breast cancer and in Neurofibromatosis 1 and 2, and, with colleagues at FCCC, has developed the first specific small molecule inhibitors for the Paks.
Dr. Chernoff also leads an internationally known program on protein tyrosine phosphatases, with special regard to their role in regulating Neu signaling in breast cancer. He has chaired numerous international meetings on signal transduction and serves as an editor for Molecular Cell Biology, as well as a frequent ad-hoc reviewer for many top-tier science journals.

Enteris BioPharma - Waleed Danho

Waleed Danho, Ph.D.

Scientific Advisor

Dr. Waleed Danho held the position of Distinguished Research Leader at Hoffmann-La Roche Inc. until April 1, 2011. Dr. Danho completed his Ph.D. in 1967 at the University of Aachen, Aachen, Germany in the laboratories of Professor Dr. Mult. Helmut Zahn. He went on to do his post doctoral training at the Hormone Research Laboratory, University of California, San Francisco in the laboratories of Professor Dr. Choh Hao Li. His research interests are in drug discovery of peptide-based drugs, peptide mimetics, and conformationally restricted peptides. Dr. Danho also served as an adjunct professor at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey, Department of Biochemistry (1996-2011). He is reviewer for the Journal of Peptide Research, QSAR & Combinatorial Science, as well as for the Journal of Medicinal Chemistry; he is a member of the editorial board of The International Journal of Peptide Research and Therapeutics. Dr. Danho authored and co-authored over 250 scientific articles and 21 patents in the field of peptides. He has presented and chaired various sections of the American, European and International Peptide Symposia since 1972. He is serving as a council member of the American Peptide Society (2011-Present). He is the winner of the Wilhelm Borches Medal (1968) of The University of Aachen for Summa cum in the PhD Program. In 2009 Dr. Danho was awarded the “Lifetime Achievement Award” from the North Jersey section of the American Chemical Society. In September of 2010, Dr. Danho was awarded the “2009 Meienhofer Award” at Roche Colorado Corporation Peptide Symposium. Dr. Danho is also a member of the Torey Pines Institute for Molecular Study (TPIMS) as an Adjunct Member.