About Us

Enteris BioPharma is a privately held, New Jersey-based biotech company offering innovative formulation solutions around our proprietary delivery technologies.

The acquisition of clinically proven platform technologies from Unigene Laboratories, Inc. has positioned Enteris BioPharma as an industry leader in innovative oral dosage formulations. Our innovative formulation solutions enable the oral delivery of BCS Class II, BCS Class III, and BCS Class IV compounds, including peptides, in an enteric-coated tablet.

In addition to the industry leading oral delivery technology, Enteris BioPharma has also acquired a proven nasal delivery technology and a recombinant manufacturing process for therapeutically relevant peptides. Enteris BioPharma continues to make progressive strides in addressing many of today’s unmet medical needs and challenges.

Enteris BioPharma is dedicated to building long-term, strategic relationships to solve complex formulation issues with our proprietary delivery platforms.

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