Intelligent Solutions for Oral Drug DeliveryTM

Welcome to Enteris BioPharma, the oral drug delivery partner of choice for the formulation of BCS Class II, Class III, and Class IV compounds, including peptides.

The pharmaceutical community has long sought more effective ways to increase physician acceptance and patient compliance for medications in a variety of therapeutic indications. Enteris BioPharma has emerged as a leader in innovative oral dosage formulations with our proprietary, cutting-edge oral drug delivery technology.

The Enteris BioPharma simple, elegant, and scalable oral drug delivery solution has overcome previously unmet challenges in both permeability and solubility, with a demonstrated track record of clinical success across a range of compounds. We are dedicated to building long-term, strategic relationships and offer our partners a robust formulation strategy that begins with in-vitro characterization of their compound and goes through optimizing tablet formulations that provide fully optimized GMP clinical trial material.

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Recombinant Peptide and Protein Manufacturing

Enteris BioPharma API CMO is a proven strategic partner in the contract manufacturing of recombinant peptide and protein products using microbial expression systems. With over 20 years of API manufacturing expertise, Enteris BioPharma has an extensive history of documented clinical and partner success, offering end-to-end program support and technical expertise.

With our clients’ manufacturing technologies, we provide leading companies with a full array of services to meet their manufacturing needs from small scale pre-clinical to commercial scale. Our inspected and fully cGMP compliant 32,000 sq. ft. facility is conveniently located in the heart of the Northeast United States Life Science Corridor. Emphasizing quality to meet our customers’ needs, we are dedicated to API production in a safe and secure, FDA regulated environment.

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    • “We are committed to delivering innovative medicines to meet unmet medical needs. Using our patented delivery technology, we are reformulating injectable molecules into novel oral products that will have significant medical and commercial impact.”
      Joel Tune
      Chief Executive Officer

      “We are focused on solving challenging formulation issues for our partners using our proprietary, cutting edge, delivery technology. Our combined strengths in formulation development and manufacturing uniquely position us to be an industry leader in overcoming the formulation challenges to deliver peptides and small molecules orally.”
      Brian Zietsman
      President and Chief Financial Officer

      “We are dedicated to providing our partners a turnkey solution that enables them to rapidly evaluate and implement our delivery technology in a robust pharmaceutical development strategy. With our proven capabilities, we are able to deliver a full 3.2.P filing package and Clinical Trial Material to allow partners quick entry into clinical evaluation.”
      Paul Shields, Ph.D.
      Chief Operating Officer